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We just found this interesting article in Body+Soul: Whole Living magazine about high intensity training (HIT-super slow style). It’s called “Zen in the Weight Room.” Eileen Kelly and Lowell Boyers use the same system that we use at Intense 22 Fitness…but with a dash of Zen. Here at I22F every aspect of your training routine is calculated, even the exact temperature of the training area. One of the things mentioned during the Initial Consultation is, “This is the most cerebral exercise you will ever do.”

one perfect zen rep - going super slow for super results

One Perfect Zen Rep – Finding your center with Super Slow weight training

Zen in the Weight Room?

Eileen and Lowell have echoed that sentiment. They have taken the mental focus aspect to a spiritual level in their system by adding a little bit of Yoga methodology into the super slow weight training mix. They begin their sessions in their New York fitness studio with a “yoga-inspired Sun Salutation and end with a short session of guided meditation.” In the middle they use a version of Ken Hutchin’s designed SuperSlow system, now known as The Renaissance of Exercise protocol, RenEx for short.

Super Slow Yin Yang Routine

Although here at Intense 22 Fitness we do not have Yoga added in, every workout is still about focus, balance and getting the most efficient full body workout in 22 minutes, twice a week. One thing we do have that is an additional nod to Eastern philosophy is a routine called the “Yin Yang.” It’s a full body workout routine that alternates between machines that begin with concentric movement and machines that begin with eccentric movements. Get it? Push-pull, Yin-Yang.

Come into Intense 22 Fitness for the latest advances in Super Slow HIT training

The next time you come into Intense 22 Fitness ask to do the Yin Yang routine to get a taste of the East. Better yet, take a page out of Eileen and Lowell’s book and consider arriving a few minutes early and doing some deep breathing to prepare you for the ensuing intensity! If you haven’t visited us yet, call us or contact us via the link below to get your Initial Consultation setup. If you want to read the full article about “Zen in the Weight Room”: check it out here: One Perfect Zen Rep.


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