Workout Principles


Our Goal

Intense 22 Fitness has an obligation to our members to provide a high quality, safe environment to help as many as we can to reach their goals and beyond.

We want to be your choice for fitness and to help add more quality to your life through fitness.

We understand that there are many fitness choices in the area and that is why we are constantly improving and strive to provide the best customer service for our clients.  While Intense 22 Fitness may be a fitness business, the thing most important to us is our clients. We value each of our clients and always strive to be the place where they can come for a science-based High Intensity Workout individually focused to reach their personal goals in a time that fits into their life.

Our Workout

The Intense 22 Fitness philosophy is simple. Using the most efficient exercise protocol science has to offer, you can achieve phenomenal results in just two 22-minute workouts per week. Intense 22 Fitness is a scientifically designed exercise facility that will help you realize incredible results with super-slow strength training.

All workouts are one on one, conducted by highly trained exercise professionals in a specially designed workout environment. Our workout facility features: biofeedback computer-monitored exercise equipment, a state-of-the-art body composition analysis, and a whole-body electric cryotherapy chamber for post-workout recovery. We have recently introduced the FitnessAge assessment tool which uses a combination of body composition, flexibility, cardiovascular recovery, and a strength assessment to determine your body’s ‘performance age’.

Everything our resistance trainers use has been carefully designed to effectively, efficiently and safely take you to the heights of your health, wellness, and fitness goals.


The Renaissance Exercise Protocol

The foundation of Intense 22 Fitness is build on the Renaissance of Exercise Protocol.  Three decades ago a team of researchers was charged with developing a method of training that increased bone density in osteoporosis patients.  In the process of the study a method of training was born that yielded amazing strength gains not only for the osteoporosis group, but for everyone from professional athletes to couch potatoes.

Intense 22 Fitness has meticulously recreated the aspects of the research including:

  • Speed of motion for the most effective and efficient exercise

  • Focus on muscle fatigue and not on weight lifted or repetitions completed

  • The best breathing technique for safety and optimal strength

  • Proper head, neck, joint and overall body alignment practices

  • A temperature controlled environment that keeps the body from overheating

  • A distraction-free environment to facilitate mental focus

  • Specially designed exercise equipment that provides near-frictionless movement

  • Cam-timed machines to align resistance with human physiology

  • End-stops to keep pressure off of the skeletal system and joints

  • Ergonomically positioned seats and handles

  • Biofeedback computer monitoring to track and display your effort in real-time

How Our Resistance Training Works

An entire workout at Intense 22 Fitness lasts about 22 minutes.  Our more advanced clients can complete a full body workout in 7 minutes!  While it might seem like a gimmick or too good to be true, studies have proven this method of exercise. The secret is in our method of muscle loading and progressive muscle-fiber recruitment.

Using a slow speed of motion and specially designed equipment, we load your muscles and keep them loaded until the greatest benefits of exercise can be triggered.  By loading your muscles and keeping them loaded until muscle fatigue is achieved, the adaptive processes of your body are quickly activated without the need for a long drawn out exercise session.

It only takes between 90 and 180 seconds for a set of muscles to reach deep fatigue.  Therefore, you are only on each piece of equipment for between 90 and 180 seconds. This is one of the primary things that sets High Intensity Training and Intense 22 Fitness apart from other exercise systems: we do not over-train the muscle or place unneeded and harmful stress on joints and the skeletal system.

Even though you are only on each machine for a short amount of time, it is an intense period through which you will be guided step-by-step by a trained exercise professional.  Because of the intensity of the workouts, our clients require two to three days of recovery time in between workouts.  That means that two-22 minute sessions per week is more than enough for optimal health, wellness, and fitness.

Interested in our methods? Schedule a session with us!