Success Stories

Absolutely the fastest results I have ever had!
— Anne D.

In the past 2 years Leslie has lost 11lbs of body fat and even more impressively she has been able to maintain muscle. It is easy to say that her “after” results speak for themselves. Now at 62 years old, Leslie is very proud of her improved physique and feels much more confident when it comes time to take a trip to the beach.


Before she started working out at Intense 22 Fitness at the age of 59, Leslie was already in great shape. With a history of teaching fitness classes and a great handle on her diet, Leslie just needed the motivation and accountability of 1:1 personal training to get the results she wanted.

Quit thinking you can do what you need in the gym. Look at’s that working out for you? These guys know what they are doing and save you the time and energy of doing it wrong. Get to I22...and get in shape not just for the summertime but for life!
— Brad T.

Uri is another of Intense 22 Fitness’ success stories. He came to us weighing 240 pounds at 35% body fat. Through proper diet and exercise he reduced his weight to 189 lbs and 16.9% BF in 18 months, that’s a loss of 51lbs! We have continued training with Uri and although his weight is now up to 213 lbs, his body fat was most recently measured at 13% and with Intense 22 Fitness training he is making consistent steps toward his goal of being stronger. Below are more recent photos of Uri, the same man you see modeling throughout our site!

As a 56 year old with back and knee problems I was a little skeptical that I would even be able to workout the “Intense 22” way. I was wrong and these workouts have changed my life. My body has responded with renewed strength that I had in my 30’s. My trainers are always there to hold me accountable and encourage me to the finish line. I consider my Intense 22 training as a necessity in my life.
— Tracy H.

Intense 22 is definitely the most efficient workout program I have ever utilized. You get the most results in the least amount of time possible.
— Jarrett A.

I’ve been involved with personal training for many years, but I’ve never had the results and continued motivation that I have with Intense 22. I’m impressed with the research and science behind their program. I’ve recommended it to my friends.
— Sharon P.

A fast, concentrated, total body workout with expert guidance every minute. Sound too good to be true? I was skeptical too, but Intense 22 offers real results. …I love the complete body workout that is achieved so quickly… and without sweating! The time savings is amazing.
— Stacey L.

Amazing results! I’ve always had a hard time putting on muscle. So the thought of gaining significant strength and muscle in less than an hour a week was a big stretch for me. I have put on ten pounds of muscle in 6 months and I’m stronger than ever. This protocol really works!
— John S.

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