Michael’s Story

One of our personal trainers, Michael Lytle talks about his first experience using the Intense 22 Fitness system*.

Michael on Trunk Extension Machine

“First off, when I got off the leg press I knew then and there that the system was something special.  But, even after that experience and after studying the RenEx material and listening to the testimonies of those who had used the system, I still had to test it for myself.  I decided to totally shift my training schedule and only do the Intense 22 Fitness system for eight weeks.  At the time, I had been training with a cross training system where I would design sets of dynamic high intensity routines with no workout ever being the same.  I was training for 12-15 hours per week.  So, the shift of going from 12 hours per week to 44 minutes per week was quite extreme.  Not to mention the transition from “high-intensity super-fast” to “high-intensity super-slow” training.

My First Inbody Analysis

As I began to workout twice per week I immediately began to note that each session was far more intense than anything I had previously been doing.  (Or more specifically, as intense as my most intense sessions but achieved in 1/16th the amount of time.)   What’s more?–Each workout got better and better and by that I mean more and more intense.  As I began to better understand the protocol and just how to achieve muscle fatigue I got more and more out of each session.  Even with what I was experiencing through the workouts I was not prepared for the results at the end of that eight week period.  Click on the images to see my results from the GE Inbody520 body composition analysesHere is the summary: my body fat percentage went from 15.1% to 10.2%; my lean muscle mass went from 140.4 lbs to 148.8lbs; my basal metabolic rate went from 1746 kcal to 1828 kcal.

So needless to say, the Intense 22 Fitness system was incredibly effective for me.  I lost EIGHT pounds of body fat, gained EIGHT pounds of muscle and was burning EIGHTY-TWO more calories per day after only EIGHT weeks!  The real clincher came when I quit doing Intense 22 Fitness for three weeks to focus on technique training for an upcoming fight:  In that three week period my body fat jumped back up two percent!  Yet, I was doing so much more activity; I was back to my previous 12 hours+ per week training and instead of making me more healthy it did nothing but cause me to lose muscle and gain fat.  I am truly looking forward to getting better and better at this system and enjoying all of its health and time-freeing benefits!

Eight Weeks Later (My Second Inbody Analysis Results)

(Curious about my nutrition while doing the experiment? It was the same as it had been before.  I love to eat–and that about sums it up.”)


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