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RenEx Trunk Extension Intense 22 Fitness

Our specialized equipment works the body in accordance with muscle and joint functions. This enables a complete workout with the highest exercise quality in minimum time.

From the minute you enter our Workout Area, you will discover that it is unlike any other training facility you have ever seen. From computer monitored exercise machines that use biofeedback to the ideal room temperature, everything has been specifically designed to create the very best workout environment for your success.

RenEx Equipment

Renaissance Exercise Equipment is the result of over three decades of ongoing, exercise research. Every aspect of the equipment has been carefully designed to facilitate the most efficient and effective method of exercise. Weight stacks, cams, cables and endstops all come together in an almost frictionless design that not only loads the muscle but keeps it consistently loaded throughout the plane of motion. Work with our fitness trainers in Austin TX to achieve your optimal fitness level on our RenEx equipment.

Efficient Exercise Safety

Safety is also a paramount consideration inherent in each piece of equipment used by our fitness trainers. The load is never focused on the joints or skeletal system keeping the wear-and-tear of the workout where it should be–on the muscles. In addition, your breathing, the position of your head, neck body and general posture will be closely monitored by your fitness trainer in Austin, TX to keep you safe and to insure your success.

Computer Monitored

When you begin to exercise on the Leg Press, the Isometric Pullover/Pulldown (IPOPD) or one of our other pieces of equipment you will immediately be greeted with an advanced feed back system. Using force indicator equipment and computers we will be able to actively monitor the level of work that you are doing. This data will not only help you in the midst of your workout but will lay the ground work for developing goals and measuring your progress.

Computer Monitored Leg Press

Optimized Temperature

Sweat, who needs it?! Our workout environment is kept at a constant 64 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature insures that your body does not overheat. As your core begins to heat up the bodies’ response is to cool itself down through perspiration. Research shows that sweating is not necessary for a good workout. In fact keeping a cooled environment allows for a more efficient workout, and that’s what all of our fitness trainers are after.

Clinical Concerns

Clinical is definitely a strange word when talking about exercise. A good workout takes focus. Our workout environment is set up for you to enter into and maintain a high level of focus. There is no loud music, no shouting trainers or clients, no distracting posters…basically it’s clinical. The best environment for extreme focus, for the best workout possible.

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