The Objective of Exercise: Failure is not an option…

The ultimate goal of exercise is better health and to become better equipped to excel at your sport or recreation. The objective of exercise however, is different.  There is a common saying: “Failure is not an option.”

At Intense 22 Fitness our saying is:

“Failure Is Not An Option. It’s The Objective.”

It’s the objective? Why is failure the objective of exercise? Let’s take a step back first and define exercise: exercise is to perform work of a demanding nature.  There are many effective types of exercise but very few exercises are both effective and efficient.

It is very possible to get into great shape by running, riding a bike or throwing up dumbbells for a couple of hours. Each of these activities are definitely effective forms of exercise. None of them however, are the most efficient way to achieve the true objective of exercise. Why? Because in the very performance of each of those activities their is as much strain placed on the ligaments and skeletal system as on the muscles themselves. Did you know that the rate of knee replacement surgeries has doubled in the last decade?

The most efficient form of exercise would be one which could achieve the objective of exercise without the wear-and-tear on the bodyThe most efficient form of exercise would keep the muscles loaded and only the muscles until the objective is achieved.

At Intense 22 Fitness we specialize in efficient exercise. Using decades of research, our system provides the safest and most effective way to achieve the objective of exercise.

Using specially designed equipment and a scientifically proven system, in just two-22 minute workouts per week, we can help you achieve your best health ever!

From our body composition analysis machine to our computer monitored exercise equipment and nutritional guidance, we have all the tools you need for success.



Now remember, in order for the reality of a twice-per-week, 22 minute workout to become your reality, you must first have a shift in the way you think about exercise.  The goal is no longer how many reps you can get or how much weight you can lift.  The goal is to load your muscles and keep them loaded and take that loaded muscle to failure as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Our equipment and our training methodology is designed to do exactly that!  So the question is, “Are you ready to achieve the objective?”  If so, come on by and let’s get the journey started.

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