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Biofeedback leg press machine at Intense 22 Fitness.

I22F RenEx Computer Monitored Legpress

The core of the Intense 22 Fitness System is the RenEx protocol.  The RenEx protocol was orginally called the SuperSlow protocol. SuperSlow has come a long way since the initial research study in the 1980s. They have now introduced their own line of equipment. Renaissance Exercise Equipment is the logical extension of the Renaissance Exercise Protocol.   According to the Renaissance Exercise Equipment engineers:

  “Renaissance Exercise maintains an unwavering dedication to engineering excellence and outstanding design. We adhere to the highest standards of developing exercise and rehabilitative equipment, and our hand-built machines exemplify the purest spirit of forward-thinking innovation.”

Renaissance Exercise Equipment is designed to help you get the most out of the Intense 22 Fitness system. Our Renaissance Exercise Equipment includes features that facilitate efficient exercise including:

  • UltraGlide™ and Freedom Stack™  – “The first exercise machines in the world that blend a near frictionless top plate with a pin-indexed, zero-contact, tunable weight stack that floats on air.”
  • Aerospace bearings –

Read detailed information about RenEx Equipment design.

Or, watch Renaissance Exercise Equipment in action.

RenEx Trunk Extension Intense 22 Fitness

I22F RenEx Trunk Extension




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