Because The Right Food is Key to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

At Intense 22 Fitness, our high intensity trainers in Austin believe that good nutrition is the fuel of a great workout. Do you want to show off your nice new lean muscle gains? Nutrition is the key! Our nutritional tools and coaching are here for your continued success.

Because our personal trainers in Austin are completely committed to your fitness goals, we make it easy for you to focus on nutrition. When Intense 22 Fitness session packages are purchased, nutrition guidance is included in the price and more detailed guidance can be obtained through our health coach.

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Pair the following tools with our high intensity training in Austin, Texas to achieve optimal health:

Personal Health Coaching

Our health coach can give you the knowledge and accountability you need to establish healthy eating, sleeping and stress coping tools. This is the ideal complement to our high intensity training in Austin, Texas and is used by many of our personal trainers themselves.

Learn more about how Christel can help:

Personal Health Coaching at Intense 22 Fitness


Advocare Elite Nutrition

Advocare is an advanced line of nutritional products used by such notable athletes as former Westlake High School graduate Drew Brees and University of Texas phenom Colt McCoy. Whether you need an extra hand in weight control, are looking for more energy, or need cutting edge athletic supplements, consider the benefits of Advocare.

Learn about what Advocare has to offer:

Advocare with our high intensity trainers in Austin

Guiltless Superfoods

Do you love bread, tortillas or pizza? How about cookies? Guiltless Superfoods has a plethora of prodcuts that are not only tasty and packed with micronutrients, they are high-protein, low-carb, gluten free and non-GMO! Guiltless Superfoods is a locally owned and operated business. You can purchase their products at Intense 22 Fintess and at other local businesses.

Learn about what makes Guiltless products so special:   


When Intense 22 Fitness session packages are purchased, nutrition counseling and Vitabot use are included.

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