What is HIT? HIIT?

HIT stands for “High Intensity Training.” Many have started to hear more about HIIT, which stands

for “High Intensity Interval Training,” but not as many are familiar with HIT. Both forms of fitnessfocus on intensity. The most promising exercise research shows that working out for less overall time, at a higher intensity, is more beneficial than working out for long periods at low intensity.

exercise intensity is better for you than exercise duration

Exercise Intensity is better for you than exercise. duration Credit: https://plot.ly/create


Here is an example of a HIIT workout:

  • Go to your local high school or college running track.
  • Jog 2-4 laps to warm your muscles.
  • SPRINT the straights and walk the curves, doing as many as you can for fifteen minutes
  • Walk a couple of laps to cool down.

Workout done! In about 20 minutes twice a week you can get one of the best workouts for your body.

So what is the difference between HIIT and HIT?

Here at Intense 22 Fitness, we use a form of HIT. Like HIIT, there is a focus on the efficiency of intensity. Here it is, in a nutshell — THE HIGHER YOUR INTENSITY THE MORE GLYCOGEN YOU DEPLETE. THE MORE GLYOCGEN YOU DEPLETE, THE STRONGER YOUR BODIES ADAPTIVE RESPONSE. ITS ALL ABOUT HORMONES!

Both HIT and HIIT are so effective because of the way your body responds when you deplete large amounts of glycogen. (Glycogen is the sugar/fuel that is stored in and used by your fast-twitch/explosive/sprinting muscles.) The more glycogen you deplete the more “adaptive hormones” your body releases. It is these hormones that make you stronger from the inside out!

The main difference between HIT and HIIT comes down to accessibility. At Intense 22

Exercise Quality over Quantity!

Fitness, you will be taught to deplete as much glycogen as possible in a carefully controlled, safe environment that does not stress the body in ways that it does not need to be stressed. For example, you will not get the wear-and-tear on your joints at Intense 22 Fitness that you get doing HIIT out at the track. In a way, it’s not that one is more effective than the other, it’s just that Intense 22 Fitness’ High Intensity Training is more efficient. Whichever form you choose, remember that intensity is the key, not duration!


By Michael Lytle


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