Personal Training Process

Super Slow Training in Just 22 Minutes

Welcome to Intense 22 Fitness! Ready to start your path to a healthier you? Find out what you can expect when you visit our personal training facility in Austin, Texas. You might be surprised by how different our super slow training is than anything else you’ve ever experienced at a gym or workout facility.


Your first visit to Intense 22 Fitness begins with…

A Full Body Composition Analysis

Super Slow Training: Full Body Composition Analysis

Using our state-of-the-art GE Inbody520 Body Composition Analyzer we will provide you with a report that shows, among other things, your:

  • Weight
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Total Body Water
  • Basal Metabolic Rate

The results generated from your GE Inbody520 analysis set the ground work for the formulation of your fitness and nutritional goals. If your goal is to drop your body fat percentage or increase muscle mass, the Inbody520 results will help us set up a program for you to achieve that goal through targeted, super slow training. Periodically you will have other analyses taken, which will be used to track the progress of your training and nutritional plan.

Interested in learning more? Get more information about the GE Inbody520.

Next, It’s Into the Personal Training Workout Area…

After your Inbody520 analysis we take you through a consultation to introduce you to our super slow training philosophy. Our philosophy is simple, with targeted and efficient exercise, you can achieve lasting results with just two, 22-minute sessions weekly.

After learning more about the philosophy of our super slow trainers, you are now prepared to enter the personal training workout facilities and start your new efficient exercises.

The After-Workout Nutrition Consultation

Nutritional Consultation

Super Slow Training: Health Coach Report Card

Exercise is not the only component of overall health, wellness and fitness.  Believe it or not, proper nutrition is actually more important than exercise.  At Intense 22 Fitness, we understand how hard it is to follow proper nutritional guidelines so we offer multiple tools that will help you achieve your nutritional goals.

The first is a health coach. Christel can not only help you move your nutrition plan in the right direction, she can also help you with just as important aspects of healthy living such as sleep and hormones.  With our health coach in your corner you will have the accountability you need to make the Intense 22 Fitness system a true fat burning and muscle building system.

Super Slow Training: Advocare

In addition to our Health Couach, we offer AdvoCare nutritional products, the same products used by many professional athletes like UT standout and Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Colt McCoy and Westlake High School phenom and Superbowl Champion Drew Brees. With Advocare we can help you fill in your nutritional deficiencies as well as give you an extra hand in areas such as weight management, increased energy and improved athletic performance.

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The newest powerhouse joining our nutritional team is Guiltless Profile_WO_NOn_Gmo_largeSuperfoods. It’s time to reduce those excessive carbs that wreak havoc on your system and harness the power of micronutrients. Guiltless Superfoods provides you with high-protein, gluten free, low-carb products ranging from pizza to cookies.

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Intense 22 Fitness offers you a highly efficient system of exercise whose roots are based in ongoing scientific research.  Although there are many forms of effective exercise, there are few that are efficient.  Intense 22 Fitness is the hallmark of effectiveness because of our attention to proper form and exercise quality.

With our scientifically designed exercise protocol, our computer monitored exercise equipment, our state of the art body composition analysis machine, our highly advanced online nutritional engine and our cutting edge nutritional products, you will find everything you need at Intense 22 Fitness to achieve your health, wellness and fitness goals and dreams.  And the best part is, you can achieve all your goals and dreams in less than an hour per week!

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