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Before you choose Intense 22 Fitness for your personal training experience in Austin, find out more about the personal fitness trainers you’ll have the chance to work with. Trusting your personal fitness trainer is a necessity to lay the ground work for your fitness success.

Find out more about our personal fitness trainers below and discover why they can help you reach your fitness goals:

Michael Lytle

austin personal trainer michael lytle

Michael Lytle

Michael Lytle became fascinated with martial arts and strength and conditioning at the age of six when he saw his uncle preparing to compete in Tae Kwon Do in the Pan American Games.  Since that time he has continually expanded his knowledge of the human body, seeking the most efficient, effective and thrilling methods of training and exercise.  Michael’s path has led him through many disciplines and accomplishments including: a black belt in Tang So Do, a mixed martial arts competitor and champion and a Parkour practitioner. Michael’s number one passion is teaching and it is a thread that runs through all of his endeavors.  He has been a martial art instructor, a teacher and mentor for over a decade and a half.

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Paul Hernadez

Paul Hernadez is a prodigy! At the age of 22 he was already working on his second masters. His undergraduate degree is from Texas Tech, his first masters is in Animal Science and his second will be in finance. Paul is the consummate student and that makes him the consummate Intense 22 Fitness instructor. His love of knowledge, understanding of the human body and mechanics, his attentiveness to the needs of clients, all make him one of Intense 22’s favorite instructors.


Jose Roman

austin personal trainer jose roman

Jose Roman

Jose Roman has been pursuing perfection in fitness for as far back as he can remember.  After football in high school he was looking for new ways to improve his strength and physique.  It was at that time that he fell in love with “the gym” and became a certified gym rat, spending hours each day honing his craft.  Jose’s transition to personal trainer was a natural one.  He is a people-person to the core and excels at bringing the best out in others.   His fitness and nutritional experience coupled with his charisma and passion continue to drive him to new heights in both the fitness realm and beyond.

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