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Bob Fonseca’s Intense 22 Fitness story*:
I hate gyms!  I know, they are not horrible places, and a lot of people like to make that scene for a variety of reasons.  Unfortunately, most of those reasons have nothing to do with getting results.  Personally, I’ve never felt comfortable in the “big box” gym.  The crowds. The crashing of the weights. The posing for the mirrors. The hours. The stinky gym bag.  Admittedly, I’m part of the problem. When it comes to dealing with heavy weights and rows of gym equipment I should not be left to my own devices.  I don’t have any training in physiology! “Throwing weights around” has gotten me nothing but a string of small injuries over the years and has left me frustrated. It’s was not a regimen I could live with or stick with.  I know this is not everyone’s experience.  But I want to tell you about a new way of looking at working out and getting results.
Intense 22 Fitness
Let me break it down for you…
Intense? Yes you are going to “leave everything on the machines” every time you work out with your personal trainer at Intense 22 Fitness.  I don’t know all the science behind the work out, but I can tell you that slow movement, combined with good form and proper breathing; all driven by a motivating trainer; gets results fast!  Lasting results.  I’m not getting paid to say this.  I have been a client since March 2013 and I started noticing my body going in positive directions within my first two weeks!
22?  Yes, you will give it your all each time you step foot into Intense 22 Fitness.  But here’s the good news. Each work out is 22 minutes or less!  Think about it, you can handle anything for 20 minutes!  Oh, and it’s just twice a week!  The place is kept cold, and if you are in a hurry you can do the work out in your regular clothes!
I guarantee you that you will get to your ideal body image quicker with just those two 20 minute workouts than you will watching Sportscenter on a treadmill four hours a week at the big box gym!
Fitness?  Yes, Intense 22 Fitness is a very personal, very unique personal training experience like nothing you’ve ever seen.  I tell my friends that I feel like I’m training for the Olympics or something. You will love your trainers Michael, Jose’ and Tom. Their only agenda is for you to succeed in your goals. You will become addicted, as I have, to the workouts.  And, you will not be “throwing weights” aimlessly so injury is virtually unheard of.  This is how fitness should be!
Okay.  At this point I know you are doing the “math.”  You’re asking yourself:  “22 minutes. No sweat. No stinky gym bag. Only twice a week. There has got to be a catch?”  No catch, all those statements are true and correct.  “But, I’m going to be hooked up to some electrodes and placed on a contraption that does all the work for me?”  No, unfortunately, you are going to work hard on real machines with real people.  But it’s only going to take 20 minutes twice a week.  Run away from any gym, diet or person promising you results without commitment or effort. The laws of physics on this planet just don’t allow for it.  You might catch up on your reality shows and make a few new friends that way, but you won’t get the results you are looking for.  Look at it this way, at Intense 22 Fitness, the concept is bold but the promises are not.
All I can say at this point is come in and try it.  God knows I’m not known for being a super motivated person.  If it works for me, it can work for you!  When I’m driving home from my session and I get the feeling in my bicep that we at Intense 22 affectionately call “the twitch,” I know I have just left the right place.  I want you to feel that too!
All the best!

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